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Aloe Vera, Saffron and more: Kerargon's neighbors

Kerargon has fascinating neighbors! 2 years ago the area was marked by huge fields of hemp (a variety without THC) grown for oil. Other neighbours have been growing saffron on an organic basis for a number of years already and have won a silver medal in Paris for their product.  Now they have added 2 aloe varieties (Aloe Vera and Aloe Arborescens) to their product palette and are offering an open house/seminar on Saturday February 25  to introduce these plants of which Aloe Vera is found in so many natural remedies and skin products.  The seminar will give insights on the different benefits, extraction and conservation methods, which part of the plant to apply for which effect and a general insight into these very special plants.  Find out more on www.esprit-safran-et-cie.com.

We are optimistic that more of these open house/seminar dates will follow so that our guests can take advantage of them during their stay. The Esprit Cheval/esprit safron farmstead is a wonderful 10 minute walk through or around the fields offering an unexpected sideways perspective on Kerargon, too.

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