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Kerargon's hydrangeas=hortensias

The hydrangeas are beginning to bloom! The first blossoms in blue are closely followed by the first white and pink ones, as well as those that haven't really made up their minds yet whether to be blue or purple (the color derives from the acidity of the soil, which seems to vary even on a smallish property like Kerargon). Hydrangeas are the iconic image for Brittany, although originally from Southeast Asia. Here they are known by a much nicer name: Hortensia, a name they have in variations in most other European languages. It derives in one or another variation from a romantic attraction or admiration for a woman. So, for me, the European name rolls off the tongue much more pleasantly than Linnaeus' Latin label (from water + vessel). June is the month hydrangeas/hortensias begin their pageant here. I was astounded to find out at last count Kerargon has over 70 of them, in all 3 variations in shades of white, pink and purple bordering on blue. And very many are gifts from our generous and charming neighbors at Chateau Guilguiffin. The fireworks the hydrangeas/hortensias let loose in the courtyard is just beginning: come enjoy!

As french as.....espadrilles


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