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Take time to step back in time: > 6000 years of history surround Kerargon

We are surrounded by them: megaliths, standing stones, silent sentinels from over 6000 years ago. No matter that they crop up as though forgotten in hidden glades of original-growth forests, or in fields now grazed by horses or cows, megaliths never cease to amaze me.  They come in 2 variations:  menhirs = "man stones", upright stones sometimes over 12 fit tall, or  dolmen ="table-stones", horizontally positioned. Visitors rave, correctly so, about Carnac or Presq'Il de Crozon, where the sheer numbers are impressive (nearly 1000 at Carnac)  But within a 20-minute radius of Kerargon by foot, we have at least 4 of them, and I have the sneaking suspicion that there are a few more to discover. "Ours" are solitary giants, usually directly adjacent to small brooks and hidden in green glades.  They are stately giants, often bearing a coat of green moss on their north flank.  To my knowledge, there is still no clear consensus of their function or the motivation to move stones of such gigantic proportions through human muscle alone in the era before wheels. Do they mark graves or historic sites?  Do they honor gods or goddesses? No matter, for me they imbue respect for man's own time span, and the mysteries of his/her achievements.  Menhirs are always "Magic" to me.  

As french as.....espadrilles
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